Optimal transport rail services between China, Russia and Europe.

Today, companies face increased pressure to design their supply chains more flexible, without compromising on security or price. To meet this need, Kuehne + Nagel developed KN Eurasia Express, the optimal transport solution between China, Russia and Europe, balancing fast transit times and economic freight costs.

This door-to-door rail service provides a fast, reliable and cost-efficient alternative option for those industries facing challenges of time to market, supply chain diversification, faster stock turnaround, late production due dates or capital commitment costs.

KN Eurasia Express

Optimise your supply chain with reduced transit times, reliable schedules, as well as long term steady transport prices.

KN Eurasia Express bridges the Trans-Euroasian corridor between China, Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia and Europe.

Our Services

  • Door-to-door, import/export incl. customs clearance
  • Weekly departures on fixed schedules
  • High security standards at terminals and on routes along with enhanced container seals
  • Dedicated operation teams at origin and destination
  • Value added services, such as open-top container, temperature controlled container or garment on hanger

Your Benefits

  • Speed-up of your supply chain with transit times of 12 to 18 days terminal to terminal
  • Increased planning reliability through stable prices compared to volatile seafreight market rates
  • Reduced logistics costs compared to airfreight
  • End-to-end visibility and control via KN Login
  • Reduction of your environmental footprint

Routes from and to China

Trans-Siberian – The North Route: 12,920 km

North East China – Siberia – West Russia – Belarus – Poland – any other European country

Silk Road – The South Route: 10,320 km

China – Kazakhstan – West Russia – Belarus – Poland
– any other European country