KN PharmaChain, developed in close cooperation with customers and partners, is a specialised supply chain service designed primarily for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. It is the practical choice for all critical general cargo, as well as temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments. Responding swiftly to global regulations and compliance standards is at the heart of our strategy - with every KN PharmaChain station fully GxP compliant by the end of 2012.

In addition, KN PharmaChain provides configurable levels of shipment monitoring, real-time visibility, and proactive intervention in line with your specific business needs.

KN PharmaChain at a glance

  • GxP compliant network spanning all continents
  • Risk mitigation by using selected audited carriers and rigorous trade lane assessment
  • Dedicated SOP for every single shipment
  • Temperature controlled transports up to -20°C
  • Real-time temperature monitoring with wireless sensors enabling full visibility
  • Dedicated CareTeam working for you 24/7/365

Your KN PharmaChain user benefits include

  • Reduced regulatory concern from superior compliance
  • Greater peace of mind through increased reliability
  • Less time spent resolving day-to-day operational issues
  • Reduced product losses as a result of enhanced visibility and traceability
  • Total cost of product ownership optimised, including logistics expenditure
  • Patient needs met through products arriving at the right time and in the right condition
Compliant to the finest detail

Compliant to the finest detail.

Our comprehensive risk management systems are in place to mitigate hazards for the complete logistics process. To ensure superior standards and performance, all carrier partners are subject to a strict carrier assessment audit and all KN PharmaChain trade lanes are risk assessed. Customised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ensure that all shipments receive a consistently high level of care and attention.

Nobody react faster

Nobody can react faster...

Our global team of skilled and GXP compliant professionals use their know-how to implement, monitor and deliver consignments according to your precise requirements – 24/7/365. Our CareTeam is there to monitor the location, status and condition of your temperature-sensitive shipments. If a reading falls outside a predefined range, the CareTeam will then drive a predefined escalation and contingency plan.

Advanced facilities around the globe.

Advanced facilities around the globe.

All our facilities comply with the highest industry standards to ensure faultless transportation of every kind of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare shipment. Additionally, our GDP compliant KN CoolZones offer multiple temperature zones for shipment build-up, cross-docking, consolidation and emergency storage of all temperature-controlled shipments.